GA4 Google Analytics 4 Migration

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As of July 2023, Universal Analytics will no longer process data. Not prepared? Let us handle the configuration, setup and testing of your GA4 build. Make the switch today to ensure you get the biggest data lookback window possible.

Our GA4 Process

Step 1 — Access

Confirm platform access to tag management platforms such as Google Tag Manager and your existing Google Analytics property.

Step 2 — Measurement Audit

Discovery and audit of current tracking setups in tag management platforms and Universal Analytics to determine scope of event set up and align new setup to current business goals.

Step 3 — Measurement Framework Documentation

Creation of a spreadsheet outlining tracked events and conversions in both tag management platforms and Google Analytics. Measurement document to include conditions and logic of events.

Step 4 — Tag Management Configuration & Testing

Implementation of Google Analytics 4 tags and triggers in the tag management platform. Review and testing to confirm tagging setup.

Step 5 — GA4 Configuration and setup

Setup, testing and analysis of Google Analytics 4 to determine if all events are configured as per the measurement framework.

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