22 March 2024

Trending with Taylor💃🏻 (Mar 2024)

Taylor Muto-Marin
Content Creator

Another month has zoomed right by…

…and you know what that means – it’s time for another Trending with Taylor! As always, the social media world has been going crazy with new trends, ads, inspiration, and updates. And I’m here to fill you in.

Inspiring Ads:

GAP x Jungle – Linen Moves Campaign (feat. Tyla)

Gap’s latest ad campaign really nailed it for a bunch of reasons. They mixed nostalgia with a modern vibe by teaming up with trending creators and artists. Nostalgic content is great because it gets people in the feels… which means more likes, comments, and shares. Trends have a way of making a comeback, old-school becomes the must-haves again. You don’t always need a completely new idea; combining nostalgia with a fresh take can really revamp your brand!


Assume That I Can | Global World Down Syndrome Day Campaign 2024

March 21 was World Down Syndrome Day, this campaign set out to challenge the way people view individuals with Down syndrome. It really made people rethink their views, and opened up the conversation in a more healthy way.

Instagram Updates

Video reply to comments:

Social apps love to copy one another. We see it happening all the time. Instagram now allows you to reply to comments with a video (similar to TikTok) which I would say is a great addition! You can utilise this feature to connect with your audience more; suppose you have a post that’s generating a lot of engagement and numerous questions in the comments…replying to those comments with a video is a great way to keep the post relevant and drive traffic to your response video.


Instagram is testing carousels that can include up to 15-20 photos

It seems that they are experimenting with both 15 and 20 in an effort to figure out which is the magic number. This change could have a significant impact on how content is shared within the app. For brands, it could offer more context for product announcements and provide a great way to tell stories in a more digestible format.



Google has now added a new section within its business listings in search, which displays recent social media posts from your connected profiles. This could help provide more context within your Google Business listing, and could also generate more interest in your products or service.

Creative Inspiration

Problem/Solution; Great way to point out a customer pain point and then giving them your product as the solution.

Google Search Bar; This is another great way to direct people to your product. Showcasing a standard google search term that depicts a common problem for your audience and then you can highlight your product as the answer.




Showcasing real reviews from real customers helps build more trust within your community.



Celebrity events always bring out the best memes.

Here are a few we’ve seen from the recent Oscars


Loved this from Pantone; Great way to use what’s current and trending and making it relevant to the brand.


See you next month.

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