1 July 2022


Why all Australian marketers need to tackle analytics now

Google Analytics 4 (GA4) officially launched in October 2020. Google’s update has left marketers and business owners scrambling to figure out how GA4 will affect their current (and future) marketing and data efforts.

As of June 30, 2023 the current Universal Analytics (GA3) platform will cease to process web analytics data. This means both B2C and B2B businesses will need to rethink website measurement.

A major pitfall with the upcoming change is that there is no way to import your existing data into GA4 meaning the loss of historical data when June 30, 2023 arrives.

This is due to the ground up rebuild of how analytics collects data and the move to full event based tracking. Here are our recommendations on how and why you need to set it up now.

Don’t get caught out!

Setup GA4 in 10 minutes

Google has made it streamlined to implement GA4 to get standard metrics including users, channels and demographic information.

This initialisation process should be completed today to give businesses as much of a look back window as possible.

You can follow these instructions to setup GA4.

Abundant Rewards

By customising and extending GA4, businesses can add value to analytics data and improve business intelligence.

GA4 now offers native integration with Big Query, which in the past was only offered to enterprise level analytics at a high access price point (GA360). This change means all businesses and organisations can leverage AI and machine learning technologies to understand emerging trends and quickly action rapid change in the market.

Plan a measurement framework for success

Astute marketers need to develop a measurement strategy and plan to meet the coming change head on. Modern web and app measurement is going to be key to future proofing business data and supercharging results in an environment where privacy is reducing the ability to target effectively.

Move now and get ahead of the competition

Windsorborn are at the forefront of web technology and come to the table with enterprise measurement experience on global brands.

Contact Windsorborn today to start your measurement journey and de-risk the future of your business with smart analytics data.

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