5 May 2023
2 mins read

What is a Creative Performance Agency?

Will Reynolds
Will Reynolds
Managing Director

Unlocking the Power of the Intersection

In the dynamic and challenging world of marketing, we know that businesses strive to optimise their advertising efforts to achieve exceptional results. As the Managing Director of Australia’s leading Creative Performance Agency, I am proud of our distinctive agency model that combines the talents of big-idea advertising creatives, data-driven performance marketers, and user-led web developers. This collaboration generates a remarkable synergy that drives unmatched success for our clients.

In the last few years, performance agencies have faced increasing challenges in achieving their previous levels of success. Factors like Apple’s iOS updates, heightened ad spend by major corporations, and intense competition for consumer attention have contributed to these difficulties. To overcome them, a shift towards sophisticated, data-driven, and precisely targeted creative strategies has become essential.

With pure creative agencies however, they’ve tended to prioritise aesthetics and brand storytelling, often arriving at one final, highly polished film. They sometimes neglect the importance of driving measurable results. Without a performance marketing perspective, there’s often a lack of emphasis on key performance indicators, data analysis, and campaign optimisation, leading to a gap between creativity and tangible business impact.

A Creative Performance Agency is an agency that brings together both disciplines – Creative and Performance – to create a whole that is far greater than the sum of its parts.

And while it seems obvious as a model. It is exceedingly rare in the industry.

Creative Performance Model

Then there’s the Windsorborn Creative Performance Agency Model: The Intersection of  Creativity, Performance, AND Technology

The Windsorborn model goes one further. It intersects creativity, performance, AND technology; an often neglected yet vital area that takes into account the point of conversion with respect to time of site load, mobile optimisation, UX and UI.  This is closing the consumer loop.

Performance marketing insights enrich creative decision-making, resulting in visually captivating, concept-led campaigns, optimised for tangible outcomes. Leveraging the technical expertise of our developers, we ensure frictionless website or landing page user experiences that lead to higher conversion rates.

Having considered creative throughout the entire funnel that isn’t just focused on desperate clicks, but is mindful of the brand it’s representing ensures a balanced, yet effective customer journey.  It enables audiences to discover and learn about brands even when they’re not actively looking. Yet it helps strengthen the success of the campaign at those points of conversion.

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