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Chrysalis Cloud

Laying the foundations for video intelligence.

Chrysalis Cloud is the first iPaaS (platform as a service) built specifically for streaming video to the cloud in real-time, enabling AI at a fraction of the cost. Previous solutions from Amazon Web Services are extremely complicated and expensive because they aren’t built for streaming video, so a number of different tools have to be ‘hacked’ together to make it work.  The last thing a dev team wants to worry about is how to video stream to the cloud. Chrysalis Cloud provides the plumbing and foundations for this, the rest is then straight forward.Although Chrysalis Cloud has a great solution to the problem, nobody was aware of it.

Due to the complexity of the product and the extremely niche audience our strategy was to use LinkedIn as our primary marketing channel. Firstly because of the advanced targeting that the platform allows and secondly because the product needs to be explained in detail using video, making it the perfect fit for the platform.

We started with awareness videos using Chrysalis Cloud’s CEO to talk about the problem the audience were likely to be having. We then used advanced retargeting strategies to firstly show USP style messages and then conversion focused messages, all designed to move the audience down the funnel as awareness and intent increases.

We also set up a micro SEM/PPC campaign, bidding on a small number of relevant and competitor keywords.

Creative Content
LinkedIn Advertising


67% video view rate of our awareness video content

600% increase in website traffic

93% conversion rate (multiple conversion points)

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