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Predictive Hire

Find better people faster.

PredictiveHire automates interviews so that every applicant is interviewed in-depth and at scale – all by using a text chat so that you can get to the best people fast. Candidates are assessed, scored and ranked using Ai, dramatically reducing recruiter time and effort.

PredictiveHire is blind screening at its best using Ai with the same structured behavioural interview for every candidate. Gender/Ethnicity/Indigeneity mixes preserved through recruitment stages due to Ai objectively assessing performance/personality, not their background.

Our brief was to create awareness and drive conversions from our target audience.

We used our 3 pillar strategy to improve SEO – Technical, Content and Link Building. And used paid search via Google Ads and retargeting ads in the GDN, to reach people expressing intent around a very specific set of keywords.




  • 967 Clicks (170% increase mom)

  • 32 Conversions (88% increase mom)

  • 13 Leads (160% increase mom)

  • 80% impression share


  • 94/100 website health score (64/100 before our campaign)

  • 15 new pieces of quality, optimised content delivered in 2 months

  • Page 1 on Google for our focus keywords including ‘Recruitment Automation’ and ‘Unconscious Bias’ in 2 months

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