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Relentless relevance.

Xref is a reference checking organisation that verifies human capital. They provide insights on potential employees to ensure their clients make insightful hiring decisions. Xref are able to validate where people have worked, what they have done and, importantly, confirm who they really are.

For our first project together, our performance team was hired to drive qualified leads to the new ‘Xref Lite’ product that went live in October.

We used paid search via Google Ads, and later Bing Ads, to reach people expressing intent around, ‘Xref’, ‘Reference Check Software’ and ‘Talent Acquisition Management’, enabling Xref to reach potential customers.

To ensure maximum exposure, we set up a complex account structure that is built to scale. This structure allowed us to cover all bases whilst ensuring that we work hard to undermine the competition.



Over the past 3 months, the Xref campaign has generated a significant return on investment.


555 Conversions

5.4K Clicks

“A high volume of leads with a low CPL”

“I love the team’s passion! It’s clear to see that they are all very dedicated and live and breathe what they do. Your success is their success and it’s such a refreshing way of working.

Our budget has been managed as though it were Windsorborn’s own, which has really helped us build the case for further investment.”


Laura Kidd – Head of Demand Generation, Xref

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