How we helped make over 15,000 unique Coke-tails

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Since 1938, Coca-Cola in Australia has grown from a single drink to now more than 160 different beverages.

As innovative as they are iconic, the Coca-Cola brand isn’t afraid to push boundaries, creating world-first flavours and campaigns.

The problem

Our experiential agency partner had an idea to run ‘Make it Yours’ activations for Coca-Cola in Westfields across Australia.

With a bartender on hand, Westfield customers could personalise their own Coke using fresh fruit and other flavoursome ingredients.

The ‘Coke bar’ concept was innovative and exciting. It was our job to take this incredible idea and amplify it digitally. It’s what we do best for our clients.

The solution

We developed a web app to serve as a menu and ordering system. It was easy and fun to use, for both the customer and the bartender, adding an interactive element to the ‘Make it Yours’ process.

Once a customer had created their bespoke Coke flavour via the app, the creation and the creators name appeared on numerous large format digital screens around Westfield.

Steve could wander, drink in hand, around Westfield and see his name in lights – Raspberry & Banana Coke, Made by Steve.

Through the campaign, 15,000 bespoke Cokes were created. The campaign was so successful that it was taken to New Zealand and Schoolies events on the Gold Coast. Cheers to that.