How localising a global brand led to more leads

2016 - Present
We’re not ones to brag, but...
More phone calls
Keyword visibility
Increase in impressions
Against a declining market demand due to Covid.
Here’s what we used to get there
User Experience Design (UX)
User Interface Design (UI)
Front-End Development
Back-End Development
Drupal CMS
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
Ongoing User Experience Strategy
Conversion Rate Optimisation
Who is Gallagher?
Who is Gallagher?

Headquartered in Chicago, Arthur J Gallagher is an international insurance brokerage, risk management and consulting firm with operations in more than 50 countries.

In Australia they have a strong network of 30+ branches in regional and metropolitan areas supported by a large local marketing team. With more than 90 years of family business history, Gallagher helps Australian businesses to face the future with confidence.

The problem

The Gallagher website was well maintained but it was time for a change.

Key pages needed a refresh with a focus on UX and performance.

We partnered with the Gallagher team to redevelop their website and progress the Australian offering.

The solution

Drawing on extensive research and detailed data analysis, we designed a new UX for the Gallagher website. This was a streamlined and cohesive UX, and a dramatic improvement on the previous website.

We then built the website using the Drupal platform to ensure scalability and ease of use.

The new Gallagher website now aligns more closely with the global Gallagher brand presence while maintaining a local feel, tailored for an Australian business audience.

Keyword visibility and impressions both increased which led to a 10% improvement in traffic and 20% more phone calls from the Gallagher website.

Arthur J Gallagher
Arthur J Gallagher
Arthur J Gallagher
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