We use Dashboard Development in order to track, analyse, and provide clear data visualisations for our clients. Through the use of Google Data Studio and Google Analytics, we are able to efficiently communicate critical data points and key metrics in a format that is easy to understand and draw relevant conclusions from.

What is a dashboard used for?
A dashboard is a visual display of all of your web analytics and other data sources. It provides at a glance information on key performance metrics and allows for easy to identify insights within a minimalist, clean interface that is easy to use and to understand.
What are the types of dashboards?
There are genuinely thought to be four subtypes of dashboards: strategic, operational, analytical, and tactical.
Why Are Dashboards Important?
Windsorborn's dashboards offer a smart and essential way to gather information from multiple sources. Dashboards are powerful business intelligence solutions for gathering information and delivering key insights.
Which software is best for dashboards?
At Windsorborn we like to use Google data studio, as it's simple, accessible and free to use as part of the Google suite.
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