Data Analysis helps us make informed decisions that increase the overall performance of your business. It allows for a deep insight into the behaviours of your audience that are relevant to growing conversions and sales, as well as steering our other marketing tactics - such as SEO or SMM, in the right direction.

What are the types of data analysis?
The four main types of data analysis are descriptive analytics, diagnostic analytics, predictive analytics, and prescriptive analytics.
Why is data important for digital marketing?
By collecting data and analysing how and why an audience has interacted with your marketing material, you’re able to improve how you market to them which in turn will improve the success of the campaign.
How is data used in digital marketing?
In digital marketing, data offers key information about consumers' habits, preferences, and ways of thinking. This data is used to optimise marketing campaigns and target the people that are most likely to convert.
What data is used in marketing?
The three most important types of data in digital marketing are customer, financial, and operational.
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