Google Analytics

At Windsorborn we help configure Google Analytics for your website to access a wealth of data and develop an insight into your customers' behaviours. Google Analytics Configuration allows us to conduct in-depth data analysis and to generate informed and better performing SEO and marketing strategies.

What is Google Analytics and why is it important to my business?
Google Analytics is a powerful, real-time Web analytics tool that you can use to track and analyze traffic and engagement on your website, blog, app or marketing campaign.
What is the difference between Google Analytics and GA4?
The difference between Universal Analytics and GA4 is the measurement model in use. Universal Analytics uses a measurement model based on sessions and pageviews while Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is soley based on events. Any Universal Analytics hit translates to events in GA4.
What data does GA4 collect?
GA4 collects the following parameters for any event: language, page_location, page_referrer, page_title & screen_resolution. When Enhanced measurement events are enabled Page Views, Scrolls, Outbound clicks, Site search, Video engagement and File downloads are automatically included.
How do I transfer from UA to GA4?
To upgrade to Google Analytics 4, navigate to the Admin > Property and click on the GA4 Setup Assistant option. This will open a prompted wizard and you should be able to setup GA4 within a few minutes.
How is GA4 implemented?
Navigate to your desired account and container on GTM. Select Add a new tag>Tag Configuration>Google Analytics: GA4 Configuration. Enter your Measurement ID and choose where you want the GA4 tag to fire using the Triggering box. Save your tag, publish and push your GTM container live.
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