Tag Manager

We use end-to-end Google Tag Manager (GTM) configuration to deploy and update marketing and measurement tags on your website. In practical terms, the configuration of GTM means that we are able to easily and effectively track user behaviour.

What does GTM stand for in digital marketing?
GTM stands for Google Tag Manager, a free to use platform that gives marketers and website administrators direct control over marketing tags.
What is Google Tag Manager used for?
Google Tag Manager (GTM) allows users to add and manage website tags for conversion tracking, user interactions, site analytics, remarketing and more.
Why is tag management important?
Google Tag Manager (GTM) allows users to easily collect accurate website data whilst also enhancing the performance of the website.
What is tag analysis?
A tag is a piece of code inserted into a page’s source code that allows third-party analytics tools (such as GA4) to identify user actions. These actions can be analysed to optimise the page’s UX and UI.
What is a measurement framework?
Measurement frameworks are a method of structuring metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) around the strategy and objectives of a business.
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