We keep your website looking and performing its best through thorough and regular Website Maintenance. Our Website Maintenance services include monitoring of your website's overall health and performance, completing updates and backups, checking for any 404 errors and redirects, and more.

How do you maintain a website?
Website maintenance consists of a number of activities that ensure the security, functionality and performance of a website remain optimised. These activities may include checking for 404 errors and redirects, updating plugins, and monitoring the website’s overall health.
Do I need website maintenance?
Website maintenance is essential for ensuring that your site is functioning and performing at its best. Without maintenance the user experience is likely to deteriorate which can lead to a drop in both traffic and conversions.
What are the benefits of website maintenance?
Website maintenance is not only essential for your site’s functionality, it can also help to increase your customer acquisition and customer retention.
Why is website maintenance important in digital marketing?
Website maintenance ensures that the traffic that is driven to your website from your marketing efforts is less likely to bounce and more likely to convert.
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