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At Windsorborn we know that a good website starts with a good design, and one of the most crucial steps in that website design is the making of Wireframes and Prototypes. Our team will build (or rebuild) your website from the ground up, ensuring clarity, consistency, and functionality at every step.

What is prototyping in web design?
Website prototyping is the creation of a mock-up or outline for what a website will look like when it goes live and is a key part of the UX design process.
Is wireframing the same as prototyping?
A wireframe is a looser and less detailed outline of a website than the prototype, which is typically the next stage in the website UX design.
What are wireframes used for?
Wireframes are used to design and communicate the structure of a website.
How do you create a wireframe?
Wireframes can be made by hand or digitally. Many designers begin with a low-fidelity paper wireframe. Typically some research is conducted first, followed by mapping out the user flow, and then a wireframe is sketched out based on the findings from these exercises.
Why are wireframes important in coding?
Wireframes allow developers, designers, and clients to easily communicate the structure of a website and make quick revisions.
What is the main benefit of a wireframe?
The main benefit of wireframes is that they are quick and simple to make, allowing for fast revisions and a clear visualisation of a website’s structure.
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