27 September 2022
3 mins read

Ampfibian – Badvice

Australian manufacturer of portable power products for the caravan and RV market, Ampfibian, has launched the first execution of its new integrated campaign ‘Badvice’, via Windsorborn, to drive awareness of its caravan adaptors.

The cheeky campaign challenges some common misconceptions, shining a spotlight on the stupid advice people dish out in other areas of life and drawing parallels to those who insist on using makeshift leads to charge their caravans at home.

Says Ampfibian director Oliver Kratzer: “A large segment of our customer base knowingly use illegal homemade caravan leads and simply don’t care; they’ve been using one for years because it’s what their parents and grandparents have done, so the idea they need an adapter is largely being ignored due to bad advice passed down from generation to generation. The longer they have been caravanning the harder they are to convince.

“To break down this cycle of bad advice, our new campaign needs to convince caravan owners and their families that in order to be safe they should invest in an Ampfibian adaptor.”

Adds Windorsborn creative director Ben Stainlay: “What people do with their DIY leads is stupid. Of course, it’s hard to deliver that message directly as it often falls on deaf ears. So instead, we aligned it to other stupid advice out there in a bid to disarm our audience, take them on the journey, and ultimately change behaviour.

“It’s been brilliant being able to work on a campaign for an Aussie invention with an awesome client who’s keen to push boundaries. This is actually the second campaign we’ve done for Ampfibian. The first one broke all records. So, no pressure then.”

Set to run in Australia and New Zealand, ‘Badvice’ will launch on broadcast television, online, in social and across Ampfibian’s owned channels.

Creative Performance Agency: Windsorborn
Creative Director & Film Director: Ben Stainlay
Art Director: Mel Dickinson
Project Manager: Alizee Berger
Media Strategy & Buying: Steve Wulz

Production Company: VI
Producer/DOP: Alexander Sharkey
Assistant Camera: Sofia Grimoldi
Assistant Producer: Hayley Johnson
Stylist: Kirsten Butler
Sound: Steve Nossiter
Editor: Thomas Nicholls

Client: Ampfibian
Director & Owner: Oliver Kratzer
Senior Marketing & Communications: Tracey Burns

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