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Work Club is the new, more sophisticated, co-working office experience. They like to call it ‘Pro-Working’. With multiple spaces across Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra, Work Club offers business leaders and entrepreneurs a space where innovation, creativity and collaboration can thrive.

The problem

Work Club needed a new customer facing website that was aligned with their brand. They wanted to improve their brand positioning in the market with a front-end presence as sophisticated as their work spaces.

The website needed to be optimised for search with a fully customised CMS backend for simple content uploads and authoring.

Our job was to create this new digital presence for Work Club. Our ultimate objective was to bring new, qualified leads into the business to facilitate growth and scale.

The solution

As with any project, we started with an extensive research and discovery phase. Utilising desk research, data and analytics reviews and conversations with the target audience, we established a solid strategic foundation.

From there, we developed an SEO focused content strategy that aligned with the brand proposition and spoke directly to the target audience. We then moved to UX and produced the wireframes for the website.

As we moved into the UI phase of the project we pushed the brand guidelines so we could deliver something totally different and unique. With the introduction of a new, more premium font and dynamic layouts, we matched the website to the sophistication of the Work Club offering.

The site was then developed with speed and performance in mind to ensure a seamless brand experience. This was crucial to the success of our ongoing SEO, SEM and paid social performance campaigns.

With a 550% increase in leads and conversions in the first four months alone, the results speak for themselves.