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How we got more people aboard Work Club’s Locomotive launch

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Work Club offers high end ‘pro-working’ office spaces with every detail meticulously considered – from the furniture to the fragrance.

Each of their eight prestigious CBD locations dotted around Australia offer business leaders and entrepreneurs a space where innovation, creativity and collaboration can thrive.

The problem

Work Club made the decision to branch out from their typical roster of central CBD locations and build a uniquely curated space on the city fringe in a development called Locomotive.

As with any of their new work spaces, it was vital for the business that they had sufficient numbers in there occupying the premises on day one – despite the fact that no one could go in and see it before then.

An ambitious goal of 50% occupancy was set.

The solution

We created a highly targeted, multi-channel social campaign that dramatised the high quality of craftsmanship that went into the space’s premium design aesthetics.

The campaign spanned Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Performance Max, and the Google Display Network and resulted in an all-time high in conversion clicks, engagement and impressions for the social platforms.