How we helped Alice find her new look

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"Partnering with Windsorborn to launch our new exclusive cocktail bar was fantastic. We’re so proud of what we’ve achieved together"
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Alice is Sydney’s newest, high-end cocktail bar nestled right in the heart of The Rocks. It’s a place where you’ll find show-stopping cocktails, delectable culinary treats and incredible service.

The problem

Hunter St Hospitality has a slew of incredibly successful hospitality ventures; including Rockpool, Sake and Spice Temple. But when it came to finding the look for their exciting new cocktail bar, Alice, they hit a wall.
They brought us in to help.

The solution

Working in close collaboration with the Hunter St Hospitality team, as the bar’s interior designs began to take shape, we developed an elegant, yet playful brand for the new cocktail bar. One that rewarded curiosity with cheeky language and design details peppered throughout the sophisticated venue.

We helped develop every branding detail – from the cheeky messages from “Alice” used throughout the bar right down to the motif on the ice they served

We considered and created every touch point, including the high-value menus and table bills served in a unique lipstick container.