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Curve is a fixed income intermediary who services short and long term investment needs for a diverse range of clients. Established in 2009, they’ve placed over $100 billion in deposits through more than 50,000 deals on behalf of more than 500 clients.

The problem

Curve had held onto its brand design and website since its inception in 2009.
In 2022, it was time for a refresh – of both.

The solution

We set about with a full brand workshop and deep competitive analysis to find where the oxygen was in the space. These insights formed the direction for what would become Curve’s new look and language.

With the new brand in hand, we set about building a fully custom website from the ground up. For those who like to talk tech; it was built using our signature tech stack with a decoupled environment leveraging a next.js front end and custom headless WordPress CMS back end.

The result? A blindingly quick website that’s loaded in an instant, and now achieves top marks across performance and SEO rankings.

See how quick it is for yourself.