How we sparked a run on caravan power adaptors

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Ampfibian is an Australian company that designs and manufactures specialist portable power products for the caravan and RV market. They launched their first portable caravan adaptor ten years ago, which allowed caravans to be safely connected to domestic plugs, despite their differences in the current (Amps). Prior to that, no commercial product existed, so Aussies relied on homemade, illegally modified leads.

The problem

Today Ampfibian faces huge inertia from both trade and consumers. Electricity, electrical safety and electrical leads are a low involvement, low interest category.

Add to that, their largest audience group, the most frequent caravanners, were knowingly using illegally modified leads, and have been for years, without any care for the consequences.

We needed to convince them that what they were doing was wrong and that they needed an Ampfibian adaptor.

The solution

We created a campaign that targeted our passionate caravanners and reminded them that DIY electrical jobs were dangerous, illegal, and also voided your insurance.

The films were localised for Aussie and NZ audiences and were supported by google search ads, display banners, native advertising and geo-targeted mobile ads, targeting people visiting caravan sites.

To ensure campaign performance, there was an ongoing focus on SEO and CRO to ensure the website was fully optimised for search, user experience and importantly conversion.

All media channels surpassed campaign targets and worked together to deliver exceptional results.

In fact, supply struggled to keep up with demand.